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Practical Training

Department of Midwifery Foo-Yin University

Curriculums of Midwifery practicum

A.    Midwifery students need to complete practicum which including fundamental professional skills and roles.

a). fundamental professional skills practice and apply in delivery rooms, baby

rooms, postpartum units, gynecology units, clinics of obstetrics and gynecology and postpartum home visits. Hence, consist of amniocentesis novitiate, obstetrics ultrasound novitiate, and Pap smear. Take care of normal and high risk pregnant women, newborn and family.

b). professional roles include attitude, effective communication, management of roles and performance of professional knowledge.

B. 648 practice hours (equal to 81 days) it could be scheduled in the night shift, weekends or holidays for on-call duties.

C.    fundamental arrangement:

 Clinics of obstetrics and gynecology (obstetrics priorities with home visits) 80 hours

 Delivery rooms 312 hours

Baby rooms 40 hours

Postpartum units 216 (including postpartum visits 40 hours)