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1. The courses include core specialization courses and three elective modules, namely Clinical Health Care, Cultural Care and Applied Management.

2. Students learn midwifery, practice midwifery skills and undergo practical training to learn midwifery skills and familiarize themselves step-by-step with the role and functions of midwives. They are also guided to an understanding of the concepts of midwifery care throughout the delivery process and the modes of clinical obstetric care currently adopted in the country.

3. Students are required to complete a special topic research course. Through team interactions, individual reflection, and instruction with diversified teaching strategies, students develop their creativity and resourcefulness, problem-solving skills, interpersonal communication skills, and capacity for teamwork to build a foundation for performing midwifery care and research in the future.

4. Service-learning is incorporated into the specialization courses while the cross-disciplinary credit program Post-Delivery Care Business Management is also offered to help students meet demand in related industries.