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 The Department of Midwifery has clearly specified its educational objectives and the core abilities that students are to be equipped with. The purpose is to train every student to become a competent midwife, have the ability to ensure that women can be “healthily pregnant and giving birth with joy,” and provide professional service to look after the health of the mother and the baby.

The department also offers a credit program “Post-Delivery Care Business Management” and has been commissioned by the International Cooperation and Development Fund to train seed midwifery teachers from Gambia and Burkina Faso several times. Such opportunities allow students to have experience with international exchange and cross-cultural care, practice communication in foreign languages and expand their international perspectives to build up their competitiveness when seeking employment in foreign countries.  

1. Program objective: Training students to develop the ability to provide holistic care for women during labor and childbirth 

2. Teaching methods: Integration of situational simulations with clinical practice; cross-cultural care

3. Preparatory training for each student to obtain both nursing and midwifery licenses